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ok. no interruptions this year for taylor swift at the vma's. 3 >> ♪ 32 still in love who you are ♪ >> wow. it seems she's forgiven and this is a big reli to me kanye west for hisor bad behavior. but did he really get h message? e'll see how he closed the show. more controversy at the vma's. how did i get any rest? "fox & friends" starts now. >> howdy, folks. welcome, everybody, to studio e live from rockefeller center. kind of a drizzly rainy day here in the northeast. hope you're having a good day so far. good morning, brian. good morning, gretch. >> gad morning. i guess that means you were up late as usual. >> i have trouble sleeping on sundays. dallas and washington.nd that will do it a same as the vma's. kind of interesting, lindsay lohan was on them.
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a little bit of a skit in the beginning so i watched. i feel somewhat in tune with the next generation. >> young people. >> i feel so out of touch. i watched not one second of it. >> gretch, saw it as well. we have some highlights for people who missed it. find out how chelsea handler did as the hostess with the mostest. sans alcohol which is her trademark. >> sunday shows on earlier. >> yeah, john boehner was a guest on the cbs show. of course, he is the republican minority leader in the houscomid he's been coming under attack in the last week from president obama who i believe men oned them eight timesn one of his ohio speeches. of course, boehner is from ohio but could now the leader of republicans in the house, could he be hinting at the fact that they're willing to make a compromise with president obama and the democrats when it comes to tax cuts? see what you think. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point
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now for months that we need to ttend all the current rates for l if we want to get our economy going again. and wamwant to get jobs in america. >> so you are saying youould vote for the middle class tax cuts if that's all you can get done? >> if that's what we can get done. i think that's bad policy. i don't think that's going to help our economy. >> robert gibbs in response says we welcome john boehner supporting our position but time will tell from his actions will benything but continued support for the failed policies that got us into this mess. there was one theme throughout the sunday shows like the month before, like the month before, like 19 prior. blame bush. that came out. >> now, it's no longer blame bush. it blame boehner for the white house. dersnd, act, we un apparently starting tomorrow, i think, in d.c. and also on your national cable news networks like this one, democrats are going to start running commercials painting john
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boehner as being somebody who wants big tx cuts for rich people and he is a foe of teac hers and police officers ad stuff like that. db that's got to be hard to play when they have that soundbite now. it's going to be hard to blame. i mean, quite honestly, there will be some republicans mad at john boehner foraking those comments and come out and saying he is willing to have a compromise because remember, there are democrats who agree with republicans on this issue, that you should extend the bush tax cuts to everyone so i find his comment interesting. maybe he was trapped intsaying that yesterday. but there will be republicans who will be upset with john boehner i don't know if the democrats can roll out these ads now because they-- not that the ads have always been truthful but they won't be truthful if you look at what john boehner said yesterday. >> here's what they're going on. they're going on the fact that a recent poll shows the majority of american people don't mind that theax cuts are expiring on the rich to the opportunity of keep cuts for everyone, 37%.
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keep them for $250,000 and above, 34%. 44% don't mind they expire for them. 15% want to see everyone expire. among independents within that poll, republicans don't want to see that expire at $250,000 plun but independents, 41% of independents say you know what? let the wealthy -- let them expire. now, the problem is with everybody's statements no one looks at is they're putting wealthy at $250,000 and warren buff buffet's multibillionaire. howan you compare that to someone who makes $250,000 and already given 40% over to the government? >> even if the hous were to pass it, the republicans in the u.s. sate might not and in fact, they have stopped stuff in the past. it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. meanwhile, you know, over the weekend. we were working here on september 11th and on september 11th, it was a different kind or 9/11 commemoration here in new
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york city because you had what was going on in lower manhattan donthen you'd these dueling protests. so many want the mosque built just two blocks away from ground zero although a number of people showed u wp an they were pportive, the building of it. it's interesting, the imam himself came out on television yesterd on the show on abc and said, i t really didn't see thi controversy coming with this selection. watch. >> i would never have done it. i'm a man of peace. i mean, the whole objective of peace work is not to do something that would provoke controversy. >> so hsays he would want have put it in that location. well, then some people ask the logica yl question that follows that -- would you move it now? but then his answer to that has been that he won't because remember, he said last week that he feared that there might be a reaction from radical muslims if
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he did that. >> we have two audiences. we have the american audience and we have the muslimeudience and this issue has riveted the attention of the whole muslim world. md whatever we do, andhatever we say and how we move and the discourse about it is being watched very, very closely. move, we make thero wrong it will expand theoice of theex extremists. >> i don't know. you have to ask yourself, too, do you buy the fact he has no idea there will be controversy. what came out in "the new york times" is no big deal. not everybody reads "the new york times." people who did maybe will raise a f eyebrows. sarah palin says when she put out her message on the twitter account saying that peace seeking muslims should understand that ground zero mosque is unnecessary provocation and stabs at hearts, that was a turning point. also, he went on to say and sayo
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the ultimate decision on where the center will be located will be predicated on what is best fory everybody. in my small mind, i think he's opening up the door to moving it. >> he also says in the way it's characterized in some of the articles i read today is that h says there's islamic phobic backlash. again, they're equating the fact if you're against the mosque, you must be against islam a that you must be racist against muslim people and that's kind of missing the point. if you did a poll of the 70% of americans who are against this mosque, they're not -- they don't have islamaphobia but that is the tack in which he appears to be taking to win more people over to his side. >> they are against the mosque in that location. >> it's interesting, they did a poll. would five blocks be ok? what's the meter and, you know, there's no overwhelming answer to that. but, you know, it is an islamic phobiccountry. don't we have guys and gals over in afghanistan right now
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fighting for the muslims over there? does that seem like what an islamicphobic country would do? i don't think so. >> all right. tell me what else has happened in the news, we're watching the vma's. >> all right. let's take a look at the latest story out of iran. a lot of you have been following that over the weekend and there were a lot of delays with this woman. americanra hiker sarah shourd could be freed now today again. but first she has to post 00 $500,000 in bail to the iranian judiciary back to iran for a trial. i don't think so. think she would go back to iran? i don't think so. her two friends will be detained for at least two moreh months. now to the devastating gas explosion in california. investigators capped a section of the ruptured gasnt line and sent it to washington for testing. >> we did not see any repair equipment at the site so we know
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there was no repairing or excavating going on at the time of this mihap of our research will determine whether there was any such work in the past. we don't know the answer to that yet. that's pt of the interview process. >> the explosion left four peple dead. four people are still missing.ll it's still far out in the atlantic but forecasters say hurricane igor could strengthen into a cat 5 today. the storm packing winds right now of 150 miles per hour. trailing behind igor, guess what? there's s tropical srm julia. so julia could become a hurricane later on this week. a year aer she was dissed by t kanye west,aythlor swift takes the high ride indirectly singing to the rapper at the video music awards. >> ♪ 32 and still don't know who you are not today ♪ >> kanye's response, singing a
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song we can't air on television because every other word is a curse word. >> fantastic. >> see? i knew i didn't watch. lady gaga took home eight vma's including one for video of the year. she accepted in an outfit that looked like raw meat. lindsay lohan was there and poked fun at her troubles with the host, chelsea handler. >> wow, all right. i guess i missed a lot. i guess c yaught the highlight with you right there. >> and in fact, chelsea handler was standing right there and she had one of those ankle bcelets ind that lindsay lohan used to wear and she sid what's that? and she said that's to tell me when my table is ready at the cheesecake factory. >>very funny. i thought. it was good to see her and her big massive comeback is coming our way. >> it is. >> std by. meanwhile, "american idol" is american's number one television owsh and you know what? it sure sounds like j. lo, jennifer lopez is going to be
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one. new judges. she wanted, she was demanding $15 million from fox. she's not going to get that. she'll probably get about $12 million. >> oh, well not like that's anything to sneeze at. there's a very interesting story about how this all went down. apparently, this deal has been settled since july. remember, we started hearing rumblings about that and you started hearing that other line that she was being a diva. apparently, at's kind of true. she was asking for a tv show and some movie rights and things like that. and that did not happen. but still, she's going to make $12 million and apparently, steven tyler also going to be a judge officially. >> yeah, and the other rumor is she wanted to be consulted before steven tyler was actually hired. >> what doou mean you hired him?. u should talk to me. >> paula abdul worked out. her careerad bottomed out and she reinvigorated her career there. j. lo is someone who is on the
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backside. >> what about, gigli? >> that failed as well witeh bn afleck as he failed with her or she failed with him. sony dropped her from the music label. it seems like she didn't have many o sptions and she has had lavish lifestyle with her would-be husband. >> i think they are still married. >> what she had in her back pocket is the fact that simon cowell had offered her to be one of the judges on the us. edition of "x fact or" that starts next year. she was playing simon cowell against thedu producers of "american idol" saying you know what? if you don't give me the $15 million, i'llo work for simon next year. >> i feel like i'm on tmz/the insider. i finally feel cool. >> heated exchan between the teacher and new jersey governor chris christie. >> if you want to put on a show and giggle every time i talk, i have no interest in answering your question. >> in the end, some teachers
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came to the governor's defense. we'll tell you why. >> i love that guy! a reporter on the offensive taking on the players andje coaches of the new york jets. what does she have to do with it? that story straight ahead. >> she's covering a soccer game. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a do a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steem
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>> welcome back. town hall meeting held by new jersey governor chris christie got off to a contentious start but governor christie made it very clear who he's after. >> this administration has done nothing but lamb baste us and tell us what horrible schools we have. i feel like you have alienated so many people with your rhetoric about howhi we are bilking this state of all this
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money when i'm a taxpayer and because of the budget cuts that you've implemented, i'm going to have a hard time paying my bills this year. >> few things. first of all, i have not lamb basted the public school system in the state of new jersey. listen, let's start with this. i sat here, stood here and very respectfully listened to you. if what you want to do is put on a show and giggle every time i talk, well, then i have no idea in answering your question. my lamb basting and my rhetoric is directed very cseleary at on set of people. and that is the leadersf the teachers union in the state of new jersey. >> all right, joining us right now is "wall street journal" columnist john fund down in d.c. john, i live in new jersey. the people in new jersey like this guy because he's addressing an issue that really needs to be talked about and that is can we afford what we are paying our public employees? >> well, i agree with you, steve. i live in new jersey and i think this is a refreshing blast of truth.
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governor christie is treating the voters of new jersey like they're adults. he's saying, look, previous governors have basically covered over our budget problems. they've raided the pension system which has been unfair to the state employees. so now, we have to grow up and we have to tackle these problems. and it's working. his latest approval rating is 57%. this isn't a state thaty obama won by 16 percentage point. obama's approval rating is only 49%. he's making real political process despite the fact that teachers union is spending millions of dollars in tv advertising trying to trash him. >> they are. take a look at what he was proposing to try to close the budget shortfall. he wanted a one year teacher pay freeze and for them to pay 1.5% of their benefits. 1.. now, in new jersey,he average teacher makes about $55,000nd that percentage would equal $750 per year in coverage, full family and medicalnd all that other stuff. it would save $700 million this year.
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and the teachers union said to the freeze for one year, no! >> john? >> well, the principle of shared sacrifice, i think, is important in a recession like this. look, we have lost millions of private sector jobs. we've lost very few public sector jobs. and i think if you're going to have people on the unemployment lines, you probably should go to the public employees that still have jobs and say, can we all chip in here? and i don't think that's particularly controversial. i think a lot of teachers privately agree. look, the p roblem with the teachers is not the teachers. they're doi a very good job under difficult circumstances. the problem is the teacher union. we had a teacher union president come intoer "the wall street journal" once and literally admit to us, i will start representing the interest of children the day they become members of my union. teacher unions represent union members. they don't repre nts. they don't represent kids. we need to remember that. it's not the teacher but the
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teacher unions that are the problem. >> that's such a good point. all right, john fund from "wall street journal", thank you very much for joining us today. thank yo, sir. >> sure. >> all right, what do you think? e-mail us right now friends at when it comeso raising taxes, republicans might be ready to cut a dl with democrats? who's in and who's out in that compromise? stuart varney, the one and only breaks down new clues from the president's new economic stand by to break down clues, nadvisor. stuart. plus it's more accurate than a fingerprint. new eye scans being test on illegal aliens and soon, they could be used on regular american citizens as well. find out why as we scan this next commercial.
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